(2021) IKEA Gaming Desk Under Budget in Good Material

We Come Back With Ikea Gaming Desk, If you don’t have a proper gaming desk, your gaming devices are always prone to danger, no matter how costly and top model gaming sets they are. 

Having a durable gaming desk is not only necessary for maintaining your gaming accessories safe, but also for comfortable gameplay and that is why we are here to suggest the best IKEA Gaming Desk.

IKEA is one of the top and leading manufacturers around the world who has got a good reputation for its top-class products especially its gaming desks. 

If you are looking for the best IKEA gaming desk, you are on the right page. We have collated the list of the best IKEA gaming desk which makes your search easy.

IKEA Gaming Desk

How To Choose The Right IKEA Gaming Desk

When you buy a gaming desk without prior knowledge and proper guidance, it could often lead to mistakes and a waste of money. Since we know the value of your money and the overall time it takes to choose a proper gaming desk, we have listed below a few pointers that could help you while making your choice for IKEA gaming desk

1. Room Space

The size of your room plays a crucial role in choosing a gaming desk.  Depending on the room size, choose the gaming desk that will fit in the available space. 

Whether it is in a corner or the centre of the room, measure the space where you would like to place your gaming desk. Once you are ready with these measurement details, you can now go and shop your IKEA gaming desk.

This way you can save money and time without making wrong choices. 

2. Desk Size 

Depending upon the number of devices you are going to have in your setup, you will have to choose your gaming desk with a wide tabletop. 

For instance, if you are using a 29-inches monitor along with other gaming gear, you might require one IKEA gaming desk that comes with a tabletop of twice the monitor size so you have enough space for your devices. 

You could choose a desk height of around 24 to 30-inches so you can enjoy ample space to stretch your feet. 

3. Desk Type

Gaming desks come in options such as rectangular shaped, L-shaped, or T- shaped.  Depending upon your room size, the setup style, and desk size, you may choose your gaming desk.

If you have a small room space and prefer to have your gaming setup in the corner, you can choose an L-shaped IKEA gaming desk

The regular rectangular shape fits in the middle of the room against the support of the wall. 

4. Built Material

The overall lifespan of your gaming desk depends upon the built material with which it is made up of. IKEA gaming desk is usually made up of fiberboards and compressed wood. 

These materials give the desk good comfort while working and also come with a smooth finish. This is why many prefer to go for IKEA products.

5. Storage Facility

To facilitate the reach of important things at arms reach many gaming desks coming with drawers and shelves. The storage facility helps maintain your gaming desk organized without any clutter. 

If you require storage facilities depending upon your gaming setup, you may choose one. However, be prepared to pay extra for these extra facilities. 

The Best IKEA Gaming Desk in 2021

IKEA gaming desks are popular and one of the best choices for gaming desks. There are many reasons why IKEA desks are worth investing in, such as top-notch quality and reasonable price which shows its popularity around the world. 

Now that we know the basics to choose the best gaming desk, let us jump to view the best IKEA gaming desk.

1. IKEA Fredde Computer Work Station

IKEA Fredde gaming desk is a recorded option for those who have a lot of gaming accessories in their setup. It comes with good storage space. You can have a big monitor setup or two monitors of 27″ setup.

In case you don’t have multiple monitors, you can use the upper space to decorate your gaming/working space. The desk comes with two grommets for cable management, two cup holders, and two open shelves for speaker placement.


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Though this IKEA gaming desk comes with 6 storage spaces, it only takes a small space to set up in the room. 

  • Plenty of storage and organized space
  • The desk size is compact
  • Ideal for multiple monitor setup
  • It does not have drawers
  • There is nowhere to keep pens and other office supplies out of sight

2. IKEA BEKANT Desk, Black-Brown

If you need comfort while playing your console game, this is the best pick. It comes with a wood tabletop that is durable and enables easy cleaning along with a smooth veneer surface. It has a load capacity of 220 lbs.


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It is capable of holding multiple monitors on its 62-inches long and 31-inches wide tabletop. You can either use this as a sitting desk or a standing desk depending on your long gameplay. 

  • The desk material is of good quality and durable
  • The height is adjustable from 25 to 33-inches
  • Under top net for power card management
  • No onboard grommet for cable management
  • Weak lifting capacity

3. IKEA MICKE 902.143.08 Desk

This IKEA gaming desk is suitable for small rooms that can accommodate all necessary gears. It comes with plenty of workspace options yet only occupies a limited small portion of your room.

The desk is made out of wood including tabletop, drawers, and legs, and is very light in weight. You can set up two 29″ monitors on this 56-inches long and 20-inches wide tabletop. 


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This minimalist design can give your room an aesthetic look. This comes in two colours and you can choose the one which suits your room the best.

  • Spacious gaming desk for two-monitor setup
  • Assembly is easy with the instruction manual
  • The overall desk weight is 59 lbs
  • The use of monitor arms could damage the desk
  • Though it is an easy setup, instructions could have been more detailed

4. IKEA Alex Computer Desk with Drawers

This is the best gaming setup for gamers using two monitors and essential gaming gears in your gaming station setup. It comes with a regular rectangle setup and is more durable.


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This IKEA gaming desk comes with a cable management system and double drawers for extra storage. It comes with 23.63 x 51.63 x 29.88 inches of dimension ideal for small space. 

  • In-built power cords management
  • Double drawers with in-built stops
  • Sleek and minimalist design
  • Prone to easy scratches

5. IKEA Linnmon Adils Multi-Purpose Desk

The purpose of this article is to help you identify which is the best Ikea desk for gaming in your home. The below-listed IKEA gaming desks are best suitable for setting up gaming devices in a smaller space. Though it looks small, it can be used for multiple purposes. 


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You can use this as a home office, gaming station, writing desk, as well as a study desk setup. This IKEA computer table is 47 ¼-inches long and 23 ⅝-inches in width. Owing to its compact size you can place this in any room as you wish. 

This IKEA table comes with five different colour options from which you can choose the best that suits your room.

  • Sleek, simple, and lightweight
  • Adjustable legs to level up the desk on uneven floors
  • Ideal for study, writing, gaming, and computer work
  • No provision for cable management
  • Poor weight holding capacity


IKEA is one of the leading brands that are well recognized for its quality products. Their desks are multifunctional as you can use them for both home/office purposes as well as gaming. 

IKEA desks are fully functional as they also keep in mind the need for gaming facilities and computing while manufacturing them. Their features such as durability, strength, adjustability, storage, and organization are what make them a perfect choice for gaming desks.

It is easy to buy a computer desk from IKEA. You can either purchase it in stores or order it online. An IKEA Gaming Desk comes in cardboard boxes and you need to assemble it according to instructions. 

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