Best Web Hosting In Cheap For Website/Blog 2021

First Of All, Thank You To Landing Here So I Describe the Best Web Hosting All are the Best Options For Beginners as Well as Advance Entrepreneurs or Startups.

If you are also starting a blog or website, then the most important thing is the domain, but after that what we need is hosting because hosting is the place where we keep our data or anything like if you want to keep your website.

If you want to write something or upload any photo, then we will do that through hosting only.

So first of all it is important to know what is hosting and how many types of hosting are there.

What Is Hosting?

Hosting means where we keep all the data of our website, like if we have to write a photo or something, then all that will be stored in the hosting itself, in a way like the storage of our phone, the same is the storage of the website.

Types Of Hosting?

1- Shared Hosting -Shared Hosting is what most people do like if you have learned to create a new blog or website and want to host it.

So you can do it on Shared Hosting because its price is a lot and bloggers do the same hosting more, they get everything that should be in Hosting, you can handle 5 Lakh in 1 Month traffic in Shared Hosting.

2 – Reseller Hosting – Reseller Hosting means selling other hosting providers’ hosting by making my own hosting site like I have taken Reseller Hosting from Godaddy after that I will create my own website then.

To customize it, he will sell hosting at his own price, if someone buys hosting from him, then we will get money like the HostKarle website, there is a website in India that resells.

3 – VPS Hosting – It remains very secure because our private blog or website resides in it and that Personality remains our hosting but its price remains very high.

If your website is in Traffic Millions Monthly then VPS Hosting will be best for you because Ram is also available in it, which increases the speed of our website and there is no problem with our website no matter how much traffic comes.

4 – WordPress Hosting – – This means if we want to make hosting only on WordPress like for Email – Capture or for the blog then we take WordPress Hosting.

But in WordPress hosting, only we can do it with WordPress, we cannot install PHP or any programming software, other people do it, if you want, then it is available at a very low price.

5 – Cloud Hosting – We use Cloud Hosting as a Private Server, like if we want a server of our own, in which we can keep the size of Ram, Email or Storage according to our own, then we get that in Cloud Hosting.

Most people use CloudWay or Digital Ocean in Cloud Hosting, you can choose your own server in this Cloud Hosting, the same features we get in Cloud Hosting. 

This hosting is very secure, but if we add a base domain to this hosting, then we have to host it like Filezilla, which is very secure.

Filezilla is to connect our own device file in our hosting and live in the same site.

Which Is SSL?

The full form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer which secures our website, which means that if our data stays on all the sites, it keeps it secure. 

And our site is saved from being hacked, SSL is also of many types and the most popular is JAVA SSL because it remains the most secure, the higher the price will be, the more it will be the best of SSL, now Google has installed SSL on all sites. 

Why are there so many sites without SSL? Where there is a virus, SSL is very important, if you also shop on any site, you must see that SSL because if it is not SSL then your card or bank details can be stole

Best Web Hosting

If you look in the market, you will find many such websites where Offers are very good, but all of them have the same problem, Uptime and because of that our site also becomes slow due to which our site’s ranking or visitor becomes useful.

But I will tell you about the Top 4 Best Hosting Providers which give very popular and good service.

If we talk about the best, then there is a lot but their price is also very high like if you want shared hosting then which hosting will be best for you or if you want back hosting then which will be best for you.

I will tell you more. If SSL is not available in level hosting, then I will tell you the same hosting in which you will get SSL.

1 – Godaddy

This Is Comes in Best Web Hosting was started in 1994, whose first name was Jomax Technologies, which changed in 1999 to Godaddy, which is a company that provides both Domain and Hosting and it is more in the name of Domain.


Its domain and hosting service is very good, here domain is available in very cheap, here also all hosting is available, now you can see below its hosting details and its price.

In Starter Plan –

Starter Pan, we get 1 website 30 GB, Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, its first time purchase is 117 rupees but when we get it renewed then it is 254 rupees after tax if you have the budget then you can buy this hosting You can take it if you are a beginner

Economy Plan –

Economy Plan 1 Website, 1000 Gb Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free Email, I will be you and if you take this hosting then you can buy any domain for free for 1 year and its Renew price is very high It will be 500+ after levying the tax, you will not even get SSL in it, so if you want then you can take it but I would recommend that you do Starter Plan only.

Deluxe Plan –

Unlimited Website Deluxe Plan will be available in this you can add as many websites as you want and storage is also unlimited but in this also SSL will not be available and in this too 1 domain will be available for free Renew

price will be 600+ You Can Choose It If You want “Best Web Hosting”

Ultimate Plan –

Unlimited Website, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Email, it will also get SSL and RAM, which will speed up your site, but this plan is very expensive.

If you renew it, then it will cost about 1000+ Rupees if you have a big business. so you can take

Recommend – If your budget is good then you can take any plan out of this, it is in a little high budget but service is very good Godaddy Hosting Provide.

If you want to take any plan then you should take Start or Unlimited because it is a little good plan

2 – Hostgator

was started in 2002, which now comes in India’s top hosting provider, because of its service and offers, sometimes they also give hosting for 1 rupee.




When the offers come and there is a very good hosting provider, I can personally say that the price of BS is a bit high but the service is also very good, you can see its plan and price below.

Benefit – If you take 1 Year then you will get a very good Discount but Monthly but then you will get expensive but if you want, I would recommend to take in Offers, its offer comes every month, you can take work from work for 3 Months Which will be benefits for you.

Starter Plan –

The advantage of this is that you will get email and SSL in it. Renew price is also right. Starter plan’s approx. 250+ is Renew price.

Hatchling Plan –

If you want to host a single website then your Hatchling plan is the best because it has unlimited storage, so you will also get SSL in it, so if you have the budget then you can take about 400+ Renew price, its monthly and if If you take Yearly then you will get 800+ Renew Price.

Baby Plan

Hostgator’s the best to plan I think the baby plan is because you get unlimited everything in it but the price is a bit high but everything is best, in this, you will not have any problem with this plan, the Renew price falls to 500+

In Business Plan –

If you get everything then it should be in one hosting, if you want then you will get around 700+

3 – BlueHost 

Wow This Is Super “Best Web Hosting” Started in 2003, you make this site a very big blogger to take hosting, such as ShoutMeLoud website is such a popular website that BlueHost does it.


But there is only one problem in this BS that if you take hosting then you will have to take 1 year work from work plan, you cannot take it monthly, the rest of its plan and uptime customer support is very good.

The best thing about this is that you will get SSL and Marketing Offers will also be available like if you want a lot of coupons or discounts then you will get it from here. 

Basic Plan –

will cost up to $ 71.40 if you are an advanced developer or a popular blogger, then only take this hosting because its price is very high because of its service and it is very good hosting 

Plus Plan –

will cost $ 95.40, if you want, you can take it but the price is very high, then if your budget is good then it will be best for you and you will also get Market Offers like if you want to follow Adwords or Bing then you have to go from here. 

The coupon is also available then you can promote your website.

Choice Plan –

95.40 $ There is nothing special in this BS in this you will get Domain Privacy and all with Plus Plan and you will get Site Back in which if your site is deleted or some error comes then you can take a backup 

Pro Plan – 239 $ is not much, BS Dedicated IP gets an extra, everything else is the same if you want then you can take.

4 – NameCheap 

2002 was in the beginning, if you are a Beginner or Advanced level then you can take NameCheap Hosting in the cheapest,



it will not get any hosting in much cheaper because here 50% is available If you take Yearly, then you can also take the rest of the Monthly, that too at a much cheaper price than the rest of the hosting.

Below you can see the photo of Monthly and Yearly

The best thing about this is that you will get SSL and Marketing Offers will also be available.

The best thing about this is cheap and SSL storage which makes the site very high speed. SSD means Solid Storage Drive. 

Stellar Plan –

Available if you want to host only one website then take Stellar Plan but I would recommend you to take Stellar Plus, everything gets unlimited in it 

Stellar Plus –

I think is the best plan because I get everything that you want in hosting, then I would recommend you to take this and take it yearly only because you will get a lot of discounts. In 

Stellar Business –

when you will get 50 SSL but you will get some other things like Personal Name Server and other things then you can also take this plan

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Whatever things I told you about Best Web Hosting, all hosting is good, if your budget is good then you can take Hostgator and BlueHost, if new then you can take Godaddy, if you are a little high then NameCheap you can take it at a low price. all hosting is good

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